Term 1, Warrnambool College! :)

Term 1, Warrnambool College! Wow! Term one has absolutely flown by! Coming into the Warrnambool College community has been an exciting and unique experience for all new year 7 students. All the teachers that I have come across have incredible learning techniques, that I’m sure will help young minds to grow and prosper! As for my new class 7F, it is full of different personalities that never cease to amaze! In Warrnambool College, they are very big on house groups. At the college there are 6 of houses! Each house team is a certain colour! Belfast (GREEN),  Logan’s (PURPLE), Hopkins (BLUE), Merri (ORANGE), Childers (YELLOW), and Flagstaff (RED)!

Two weeks into the term, all the year seven students were invited to attend a day trip, to Cooriemungle! While we were there we got the opportunity to go on the high ropes course, the giant swing and rock climbing wall! All of which I competed! Then a week after that, it was SWIMMING SPORTS! All house teams dressed up in their colours, and competed in different events run though out the day! I participated in 50 Free, 50 breaststroke, 50 back, and 2 relays! From the day I collected 4 ribbons, and moved onto the next round in my freestyle!


During the year, I am going to be studying a wide range of subjects, these include: Maths, English, SOSE, Food Tec, Health, French, Music, I- Learn and P.E!

Also at the college, they have a 5A system! Where students are rewarded for good behaviour, with stamps! Students then can redeem a prize when they have the appropriate number of 5A stamps!

50 Points= Name in Newsletter/ House pen

75 Points= Highlighter

100 Points= Water Bottle

150 Points= Lanyard

200 Points= Canteen Voucher

300 Points= House USB/ Celebration activity

500 Points= Gold 5A Award


I absolutely love the new and exciting experiences that I am having at Warrnambool College, and I can’t wait to continue my learning quest though out my time at a school that can accommodate my every need!